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Sony LMD-940W 9" portable HD monitor

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Lightweight field monitor that's ideal for all types of filming. Can be connected to the vast majority of cameras, and provides a clear, bright image that is ideal for lighting and can even be used for focus pulling on 35mm censor cameras.

Protective Portabrace Field cover with sun hood and powered by mains supply or V-Lock Battery.

SDI input/output that switches between HD-SDI and SD-SDI, and is also capable of accepting a 3G HD-SDI signal. It supports composite video input/output, and features HDMI inputs.

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IDX Cam-Wave Hire

The IDX Cam-Wave CW-5HD will wirelessly transmit HD uncompressed footage. Exceptional quality HD images from HD-SDI. Will also transmit signal from SD-SDI and radio link is superb with no interference, even in locations where most other radio links struggle. Both parts fit neatly between camera/monitor and V-Lock battery, so no wires or connections necessary. Images transmitted in real-time with latency less than 1 millisecond Fully uncompressed, high definition images with embedded sound Uni-cast and multi-cast modes for reception on up to 4 receivers simultaneously Automatically detects between HD-SDI & SD-SDI video Transmission range of 50m line of sight or 30m through walls Contact us for information on IDX Camwave hire.