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EF Mount Prime

Canon Cinema Prime (CNE) Lens Kit

Canon 4K rated CNE Prime set are an outstanding fully manual EF solution.

24mm T1.5
35mm T1.5
50mm T1.3
85mm T1.3

Hire Canon Cinema 4K Prime Lenses (Canon CinePrimes) from Media Dog, based in Birmingham the Midlands, Manchester and Glasgow Scotland, but ship...

Canon Cinema Prime (CNE) 135mm Lens

Canon 135mm T2.2 Fully Manual 4K Rated EF Cinema Lens

Canon Cinema Prime (CNE) 14mm Lens

14mm T3.1 Wide Angle lens for the Canon CNE Lens range.

Samyang Prime Lens Kit

The Samyang VDSLR prime lens kit 5 is EF mount and despite the name Produced in Germany. They are very fast and they are impressively compact and light so great for use on a gimbal. They have gears for follow focus or remote as well as iris gears. the lenses are designed to cover a full frame...

Carl Zeiss Prime Lens Kit

18mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm.

Optimised for video with smooth iris ring. These lenses offer incredible video capture that are even better than Canon L glass.

The small depth of field that is achievable is outstanding, and they create a beautiful bokeh which gives your images a filmic and...

Carl Zeiss 100mm Macro

The Zeiss 100mm f2 T* Makro-Planar ZE Lens offers fantastic macro performance. It is highly reliable with full metal precision mechanics. If you want to get close in or film something really small then this is the lens for you.

Canon 14mm f/2.8L II USM

The EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM is a very very wide lens with a 114˚ field of view. It is the widest of Canon's L glass and controls distortion well for such a wide lens.

The image quality is as good as you would expect from a Canon L series lens.

Canon 24mm F1.4 Lens

Popular among Photographers and Cameramen alike, Canons 24mm prime is Ultra fast (1.4) and ultra cool.

A wide 84" Angle of view means that this is a perfect lens for your wide shots.

Works brilliantly along side the Canon 50mm 1.2 and the 85m 1.2

Canon 35mm F1.4 Lens

The 35mm is a standard for both photographers and cameramen. It is is Ultra fast (f1.4) and creates ultra cool images.

Works brilliantly along side the Canon 50mm 1.2 and the 85m 1.2 or and of the L series lenses.

Canon 50mm F1.2 Lens Hire

Canon's L Series F1.2 50mm. A classic, and excellent for getting a shallow depth of field.

Canon 85mm F1.2 Lens

Canon's L Series F1.2 85mm. perfect for those interview shots, or portrait photography.

Even better when used alongside the 24mm and 50mm

Canon 100mm Macro Lens

Canon 100mm F2.8 Macro Lens.

Get up close to your subject with stunning macro images. Super sharp and super fast focusing.

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Lensbaby Sol 45

The Lensbaby Sol 45 is a 45mm fixed f/3.5, is a new easy to use lens that creates a tack-sharp circular area of focus surrounded by dramatic blur and smooth bokeh. Featuring an 8.5º area of tilt, users can select the area of focus within their, whether you are shooting on a full frame or APS-C...

Laowa 24mm Macro Probe Lens (EF Mount)

The Laowa 24mm Probe lens, also referred to as an Anteater lens due to it's unusual shape, is an extreme Macro lens designed around getting really unusual close up views. The long nose allows you to get into positions standard lenses cannot, and with small LED lenses at the tip of the lens to...