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OConnor 2560 Fluid Head

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Designed for use with the current crop of digital cinema cameras
Sinusoidal counterbalance system
Stepless pan and tilt fluid drag
Mitchell base and 150mm ball base adapter with tiedowns
Euro-style quick release
Pan handle with pan handle extension

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Oconnor 2575 Fluid head

Oconnor 2575 Fluid head

The OConnor's 2575D is from their Ultimate range of fluid heads and features stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag specifically designed to give you the perfect control and stability for high end productions. The 2575D has become the standard for 35mm film cameras as well as corporate and commercial work. Featuring OConnor's patented sinusoidal counterbalance system for true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range as well as OConnor's stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag. Features... The new platform has all the controls on the camera operator’s side of the head. (i.e. left side). The platform release lever has a one touch finger actuated safety release catch. This allows for one “finger” or hand action to undo the safety catch and open the lever. Dual platform scales.The platform now has 4 handle rosettes. The left side has a “soft” hand rest similar to the 120EX. The head uses metric fasteners. This includes the set screws that are used for field adjustments. 2575D Capacity: @ 4 in: 133 lbs. (60.5 kg) @ 6 in: 105 lbs. (47.7kg) @ 8 in: 87 lb. (39.5 kg)
Ronford Baker Fluid 7 Tripod Head

Ronford Baker Fluid 7 Tripod Head

The Ronford-Baker Fluid 7 head is designed for use with film or video/EFP cameras. - 360º scale on pan - Fluid cushioned free head - Smooth accurate braking - Second pan bar available. - Easy to setup and use - Durable construction - Seven degrees of control - Integrated circular spirit levels