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Libec Swift Jib 50 Kit

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A stand-out feature of the Jib50 is its telescopic arm. Rather than fixing on extension units, a time consuming and often fiddly process, Jib50's arm simply extends by turning the lock levers. Despite this additional mechanism, the Libec jib is still able to support considerable loads. Even fully extended at 190cm, it can still hold a 10Kg load, as much as many other systems can manage at a metre length. At its shortest setting - 100cm - it has the build quality to hold an impressive 20Kg of equipment. This strength and adaptability makes the product a highly versatile piece of equipment.

Fully extended = 190cm

Shortest = 100cm

The Kit comes with Jib arm, weights, tripod and a rolling spider.

Please note in order to make this work will need to hire a tripod head suitable for your camera weight.

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