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1.3m Compact Slider

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iFootage Shark slider with counterweight to make a wonderful smooth tracking movement.

Slider rails which can be extended up to 1.3, and fit in a one small easy to carry bag.

Perfect for use with DSRL, C100, C300.

Add on the SYRP Genie control unit to allow unit to be programmed to repeat exact moves, or set to move a certain distance, and even linked to the camera to move a set distance, take a photo, and move on - giving you a timelapse with natural tracking movement. It can even be set to just keep on moving, giving you the ability to have a nice tracking movement on that unmanned second camera for lock offs or second cameras in interviews.

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Genie Motion Controller

Genie Motion Controller

The Genie allows both panning and linear motion control, and attaches to standard gear such as dollies, sliders, jib arms and tripods. Can be set to repeat certain movements with precision, and even repeating at a percentage of the speed, allowing you to overlay tracking shots at different speeds for timelapses. Can be linked to a DSLR and can be set to move a certain distance, take a photo and then move to next point, for long term timelapses (up to a year). Or can just keep moving back and forth, giving you a bit of movement on locked off wide shots or second cameras for interviews. At maximum panning speed a 360° pan takes 5 seconds, while 39" of linear movement takes 23 seconds.