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Nano Flash

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Records up to 220mb/s onto Compact Flash Cards using SD/HD-SDI or HMDI. Records in either MXF or .MOV format for easy import with Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premier and a range of other editing software.

Many are using Nano Flash Drives to increase the quality of cameras such as the PMW-EX3 to meet BBC HD requirements. Using the HD-SDI output from the camera you can record at a higher bitrate than the internal recording of the camera allows.

Also very popular with the Panasonic HCK-10 Minicam. Giving you a Minicam with a 3-CMOS censor and 100mb/s bitrate; supremely quality footage for any production.

Also has an HDMI input, meaning it'll work with cameras such as the Sony MC1P Minicam, Canon 5D.. anything with HD-SDI or HDMI output really!

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Panasonic AG-HCK10 HD MiniCam

Panasonic AG-HCK10 HD MiniCam

The Panasonic HCK-10 is an exceptionally high quality HD MiniCam. Full 1080p image with overcranking. Super-Wide Angle Lens available on request, making it perfect for in-car interviews / PTC's as you can achieve a 2-shot in even the smallest of cards. As with most minicams, sound input is 35mm jack so you will need a beach box to monitor and input audio, or use an external recorder. Kit comes with 32gb cards, spare battery, charger and card reader as standard. High quality HD Minicam / Mini Cam hire in Birmingham and The Midlands.