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Media Dog sponsor The Short Film Show. The show is your chance to have your work shown on television. The weekly programme showcases the very best talent from around the world. Filmmakers whose films that are chosen to appear in the short film show will have the chance of being selected for an award which will be presented at our special awards night. The Event will take place at Nottingham Contemporary, England on the 9th March 2018.

Will your film make it down the red carpet for the live televised Short Film Show awards night?

For more information go to...


BSC Expo 2017 a show aimed primarily at cinematographers, cameramen, DOP's and Producers. What sets it apart form other shows for us is the complete absence of any consumer low end equipment, any confusing systems integration, vision mixers or outside broadcast stuff. In fact almost everything we saw there we wanted to buy or play with up to and including a full size helicopter.

It is a fairly small show but everyone who needed to be there was there and this helped create the very friendly warm atmosphere that we enjoyed so much. It was difficult to walk around without bumping into...

So what did this years Oscar nominated films chose to shoot on? Well is seems nothing new with the majority deciding to go digital and shoot on the ever popular ARRI Alexa. Where as La La Land, Fences, and Hidden Figures decided to shoot on film cameras. Here's the list...

La La Land

Oscar Nominations: 14, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing

Camera: Panavision Panaflex Millennium XL2
Lenses: Panavision Anamorphic (C Series, E Series), Custom Panavision 40mm Anamorphic
Aspect Ratio: 2.55 : 1...

Timelapse of our Manchester home 'The Space Project' and one of their epic studio builds.

Here at the kennel we pride ourselves on being able to advise our clients on their projects and being a font of technical knowledge, and what we don't know, we like to find out.
This week we’ve been asked about the best settings for High Frame rates on the Sony FS7 whilst working with our Encapsulites.
But when we do a test, we like to have a bit of fun with it.

We’ve found that the Encapulites strobe when they're first turned...

Jonny and Mark got very excited about the arrival of their DJI Mavic, so we thought we'd take a look at what you get for your money, particularly what you get with the More Fly Combo pack as oppose to the standard pack. Mark and Jonny delve into the boxes and peruse the tech sheet.

First test flight video to follow shortly - waiting for better weather..

11th Sept and it’s a nice sunny day in Amsterdam for the International Broadcast Show's first day. IBC's door opened at 9:00 and we were waiting outside eager to get in. Well ok we were a bit late.

First off and straight to Sony and probably the most interesting camera to be launched in the show for us. The FS7's baby brother the PXW-FS5. With its 0.8kg compact body and super cute looks and reasonable price tag this will sell so well that we predict Sony will have another nightmare filling orders. Its got the same sensor as big uncle F5 and older brother FS7 so that means images...

Announced today the long awaited Canon C300 MkII, although its form factor is largely unchanged it's whats going on inside that makes the difference.

Here's what you need to know…

Internal 4K 4:2:2 10-bit 410Mbps recording with external RAW
2K or HD resolution at 120fps
An all new s35 sensor with a dynamic range up to 15 stops and a higher scan speed
ISO range now starts at 100 and goes to 102,400
The Camera comes as standard with an EF mount that can be replaced by a PL service mount if required
Auto white balance and Face Detection AF

Gavin Binder, Media Dog Hire Operations Manager and Editor for Media Dog Films, on the evolution of Super 35mm and DSLR.

As many of you know, Media Dog Hire started life as a Production Company (we still make our own productions now at Media Dog Films and have watched our productions evolve alongside the rest of the UK), but when we first dipped our toes into the hire business there were two...

Why video should be part of your content marketing strategy

For those of you who prefer colourful pictures, infographics, sketches and other such visual assets when taking in new information - you're not alone. Around 2/3 of people are visual learners – an important fact for those who are trying to sell a product or service and a crucial piece of knowledge for any content/digital marketing strategy. Whilst lots of written copy is great for SEO assistance and can be a tempting way of explaining a service or selling a product, sometimes less is more and the power of video can be far...