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Toshiba Minicam

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Toshiba IK-HR1H. 1080i/720p switchable, this is an excellent minicam due to it's size and weight as much as it's modern sensor and high quality filming capabilities. Weighing only 1.8oz it really reduces the vibration issues you find with a majority of minicams, making it perfect for in-car filming. These are the Minicams used by Top Gear, Fifth Gear and a range of other high-end HD Broadcast Productions.

The minicam has no recording unit so you will need an external recorder - such as a Nano Flash. We can also supply a V-Lok sled with enough outputs to power 2 Minicams and 2 Nano Flash from one V-Lok battery.

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Nano Flash

Nano Flash

Records up to 220mb/s onto Compact Flash Cards using SD/HD-SDI or HMDI. Records in either MXF or .MOV format for easy import with Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premier and a range of other editing software. Many are using Nano Flash Drives to increase the quality of cameras such as the PMW-EX3 to meet BBC HD requirements. Using the HD-SDI output from the camera you can record at a higher bitrate than the internal recording of the camera allows. Also very popular with the Panasonic HCK-10 Minicam. Giving you a Minicam with a 3-CMOS censor and 100mb/s bitrate; supremely quality footage for any production. Also has an HDMI input, meaning it'll work with cameras such as the Sony MC1P Minicam, Canon 5D.. anything with HD-SDI or HDMI output really!